The Chellah or the witness necropolis

A haven for nature lovers and a must-see tourist destination for lovers of culture and history, Chellah or the Merinid Necropolis is a temple that brings together the history of many stories

Chellah or the flap witness:

The Chellah site was arguably the oldest human settlement at the mouth of the Bouregreg. This majestic monument preserves the remains of an ancient Roman city.

This historic site was abandoned since 1154, until the Merinids chose it to build their necropolis. The work was completed in 1339, under the reign of Abû al-Hasan 'Alî.

Inscribed since 2012 on the Unesco World Heritage List, Chellah is a historic site that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

A walk at the Chellah:

A few steps from the city centre of Rabat, the din of passers-by and merchants, the noise of cars that do not leave the roads, lies a legendary wonder that obscures the secrets of several generations, and this wonder is the site of Chellah.    

You can't visit Rabat without being magnetized by the architecture and the sibyllin aspect of this place, after passing through a lavish gate and ochre walls erected by Sultan Abu al-Hassan Ali, you will find yourself quickly on a long path lined with trees and flooded with radiant colors filling the places of exaltation and joy, a garden of 80 species of plants , as well as archaeological remains dating from the Roman presence.

A landscape that can be the subject of an impressionist painting.

And then there is the slamming of the beaks of the sedentary storks that accompanies you throughout the walk rocking your soul and replaying the same euphonic melodies of yesteryear by vowing never to leave the place.

Besides, they make you want to never leave them too!

A musical corner:

For tourists, the highlight would be to make a trip to Rabat in September in order to come across the famous Jazz festival at Chellah, each year, for five days, ten concerts are offered to the public bringing together artists from various countries of the European Union and Moroccan musicians.

So what are you waiting for? Book now at Riad Zyo to enjoy its geographical location in the heart of Rabat, surrounded by the historical wonders of this city, to mention the Kasbah des Oudayas, the ancient Medina and others, its art gallery, and also its vernacular and traditional architecture that will make you dive into the heart of Moroccan culture.

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